Yes, You Can Wear Kick Flare Jeans


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Take a look at a few of Paris' It girls right now and you'll see they all hold one consistent item of clothing near and dear to their wardrobe: kick flare jeans. Sure, this cut can be intimidating, and they may not be my boyfriend’s personal favorite, but styled right you can wear these jeans for almost any occasion and look great while doing so. Not only are they flattering, but they also add just a hint of that effortless vibe all French girls seem to pull off so well. Read along for three simple rules to follow when diving into the realm of kick flare jeans, and I promise you'll be hooked.

rule number one: length & Rise is key

In my opinion, kick flare jeans should almost always be high-waisted. V rare exceptions apply - so rare that I really can't even think of any time a low-waisted kick flare jean would be a good idea. So, to avoid looking like a hippie, it is important to make sure the length of your jeans is right for your height. Generally right at or above the ankle will be the most flattering for this style, especially for us girls on the shorter side. While this may seen contradictory to everything we have been told thanks to our years of skinny jean loyalty, when paired with the right shoe this can actually create the illusion of a longer silhouette - which brings me to rule #2.

rule number two: pair with the right shoes

Photos by  Carlvin Medar

Photos by Carlvin Medar

In order to make the most of your kick flare jeans, the right shoes are crucial. Ideally, an ankle boot that hits right below or even up and under the hem of your jeans often never fails. This is a combination that has become my uniform during the fall months. For a dressier occasion, any heel with an ankle strap should do the trick. I think that you should try and avoid sneakers with this style, (fun fact: I break this rule all the time) but if you must opt for a flat shoe, any mule or loafer should do.

rule number three: less is more

Finally, keep the top simple and streamline! While kick flare jeans can be laid back, there is still nothing worse than over doing it with the trends in one outfit. Spring and Summer calls for a simple tee tucked in to accentuate the waist, while a nice silk top works for dressier occasions. Bring on the sweaters for Fall and Winter, and when in doubt, a fitted knit turtle neck or bodysuit will be your best friend.




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