Yes, You Can Wear Bandanas


Bandana, Sweater coat, Bodysuit, Jeans, Boots, & Bag, Madewell / Wool coat, Nautica / Necklace, Italy (!)

To me, the most wonderful thing about fashion is that even if you fall in love with a trend a little bit late, it's okay because (1) you can make it your "thing" (2) you won't look like everyone else (3) fashion is always evolving, and also being recycled so chances are the trend will come back around again, the same way it did the first time. For instance, when it comes to bandanas I may be a little late on the trend but I think I finally understand the hype (!) Maybe it's because I work at Madewell (or maybe it's because my wardrobe is 98% neutrals and this is a great way to add a little bit of color) but nonetheless, it is safe to say these are one of my new favorite accessories to experiment with. My main hesitation was that I would look like a flight attendant, but with the right outfit (and accepting that I still may look a little bit like a flight attendant) bandanas can go a long way. So, hop on the bandana bandwagon as I show you three of my favorite ways to wear them!

one: around the neck


This is probably the most simple and classic way to wear a bandana. Simply fold it in half so the material is in the shape of a triangle. Then, roll the bandana starting from the top point of the triangle to the bottom. Finally tie around the neck (once or twice) and finish in the front with a double knot. Voilà!


two: hair tie


I was at work one day and my hair was driving me crazy but sadly I did not have a hair tie. Conveniently enough, I did happen to have a bandana on, so I used it to tie my hair back! You could do this however you please, whether in a ponytail or as a headband, but here I just opted for a half up, half down situation. 


three: bag accessory

Photos by  Kristy Hernandez

Even though tying a scarf on your bag is possibly the most unnecessary accessory IMO (I mean, you're literally accessorizing an accessory), it's still a fun way to add some personality to a leather, solid colored bag. Simply roll the bandana as you would prior to tying around your neck, and then fold in half. Wrap around the handle of your bad and pull the ends and you're ready to go.




xx, N

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