A/W Key Silhouette: The Wrap Dress

Image via  Vintage Dancer

Image via Vintage Dancer

There is nothing quite as chic and effortless as a wrap dress and this is a fact that has been proven true throughout history. Just take a look at the women of the 30s and 40s (who were the classiest of all IMO), DVF's first wrap dress that reflected female empowerment and femininity in the 70s, the reintroduction of the trend in the 90s, and finally the evolution of wrap dresses in French fashion today. It is obvious that this trend is here to stay, and I am in no way mad about it.



Diane Von Furstenberg coined the wrap dress as her signature design in 1974. While some say she invented the wrap dress, it was readily inspired by the designs of Elsa Schiaparelli and Claire McCardell from the 1930s and 1940s. When sportswear came to the forefront of women’s fashion during and post The Great Depression, designers such as Schiaparelli and McCardell designed the “popover” dress which became the foundation of varying wrap around styles.

By the 1970s, Diane Von Furstenberg redesigned the wrap dress in her iconic jersey fabric and the wrap silhouette quickly became associated as her designs. Furstenberg has always stood for empowering women through femininity, liberation, and self-expression and the wrap dress became a reflection of those values that women in society began adopting at that time. After the wrap-dresses peak during the 1970s, Diane Von Furstenberg later reintroduced her iconic style in the late 1990s. The trend stuck for a few more years to follow, transitioning into the early 2000s. The wrap dress even began to evolve into wrap tops.




Wrap dresses are on the rise again and they are being seen on every French It girl and all over social media. Brands such as Réalisation Par, Reformation, LPA, and more are modernizing the wrap dress in a sleek and sexy way. Not only are wrap dresses continuing to take over, but wrap tops are as well. The style has quickly taken on a somewhat casual and laid-back spirit, and is being styled for more of an everyday essence rather than a dress that has been associated with a working woman. While wrap dresses have been more popular during certain decades than others, it is obvious that this is a style that will continue to evolve over the years, take on new forms, and remain trendy for many years to come.

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