Summer of 19 You + Me


Good news y’all, I’m getting back on track with the blog posts! I know, I know— i say this every time. But this time I mean it. That’s right. You can count on me, your favorite non-french french girl, here to bring you my rather bias and complicated takes on all things fashion, food, life, beauty, and more. What has brought upon this change you may ask? Well for starters your girl finally got a new computer. Bye bye to the life of haphazardly typing up a half-hearted blog post in the apple store. And secondly, it is officially summer and I intend to make the most of these last few moments of sunshine. The past few months have included numerous weddings, moving out of my apartment, and of course taking my ~Hot Girl Summer~ quite literally and baking in this 100 degree heat (hope this is the last time you hear that reference).

Saving the best for last though (so far— summer’s not over yet) with two words for ya: Dan + Shay (oh and Florida Georgia Line too). So major S/O to Old Camp Whiskey and Shiner Beer for having Josiah and I attend the FGL #CantSayIAintCountry Tour!

TBH back when Taylor Swift’s most popular song was “Teardrops on my Guitar”, I attended my first ever country concert (and concert in general). Of course when my friend asked me if I wanted to see her in concert my immediate answer was yes! Little did I know that T-Swift was simply the opening act and surprise! Much to my dismay, we were actually at a Keith Urban concert… sigh. Perhaps this is where my dislike for country music truly began but of course as fate would have it, my boyfriend has coerced me into finding a place in my heart for it. “It is the best kind of music to listen to in the summertime” he will say. I guess you can picture it: sunroof open and windows down driving back from a long day at the beach with some sweet country tunes playing in the background… I mean what feels more summer-esque than that? He was right and now I agree (but I am also easily persuaded).

B460FFA1-666B-4301-ADF6-80CE21262200 (1).jpg

Also can someone please explain the meaning behind Summer of 19 You + Me? I fully thought that it was a play on words. Like “Summer of 1983” or something like that and “You + Me” could be applied to all couples everywhere. Right? No. Apparently according to Dan + Shay’s tweet, they were talking about the past… in the future. Or the future in the past. IDK. The song was released back in 2014. So how could they be talking about a past summer experience but also referring to the Summer of 2019 which would have been in the future? Anyone?? Sorry, Dan + Shay I still love you but I am also incredibly confused.

PS tell me what you’d like to see next on en Rose in the comments below! I know I promised the potential of a YouTube video long ago, but hey maybe now it might actually happen 👀
xx, N

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