Spring Fever: Haul & Styling


I don't know how many times I have used some cliché caption on my Instagram posts about Spring being right around the corner, but I'm going to keep doing it because this is probably one of the most anticipated parts of the year. There comes a time every late February/mid-March where I start to feel like I seriously can not take any more cold days. So, what do you do when you live in New England and it is still below 40 degrees with predicted snowstorms every other week? You give in to the very colorful and inviting escapes you enter when shopping! Some may say this is borderline retail therapy but the way I see it is I am preparing for the coming season. So here's to a "Spring Fever" Haul featuring some fun spring trends, styling tips, and exciting pieces that I can't wait to actually wear outside. 

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Okay so for those of you who don't know, I work at Madewell! My favorite store (thank goodness for employee discounts). We had a new rollout TODAY. Wide leg pants and wrap tops galore, and as always- denim. Fun fact, Madewell always offers a student/teacher discount in stores. Just show them a valid ID and you're set!

  • This pink, star print wrap top I actually bought last fall, but it did so well that they brought it back in more colors, fabrics, and prints than ever. It is the perfect silhouette to just toss on with jeans for an instantly put together look.
  • I love a pure white top and this one is a fun twist to the classic white button down. It has a tie front and is a bit more of a cropped fit which makes it perfect for high-wasted jeans.
  • Sweaters are so comfy and cozy, so why not make a tank top out of such a loveable fabric? I've already worn this twice since I bought it and it is the perfect transition piece. I can wear it with a denim jacket and once it is actually warm out, it's still cute enough to wear on it's own!
  • Ahh, denim mini skirts. Tbt to my middle school days where Abercrombie and Hollister were all girls my age were allowed to wear and there was no shortage of low-rise denim mini skirts in stores *shudders*. Thankfully, this one is much more classy IMO with a high-rise and an appropriate length. 
  • I never thought I could pull off culottes aka wide-leg crop pants but I have decided that I am going to wear them anyways! The blue and white stripe is a perfect transition from spring to summer and they might be the coolest thing I own. ~Lookbook coming soon~

Brandy Melville

I've come to accept the fact that Brandy Melville has great basics and I will gladly shop amongst high schoolers if it means I can get a perfect tank for $20. 

  • This first smocked one has a cute floral print and has a sweetheart neckline. I can't wait to wear this with high-waisted jeans aka the usual.
  • This second top looks small but it is so feminine and I am all for how retro it is. Again, will be paired with high-waisted jeans because it's a no brainer.

Forever 21

I have a newfound appreciation for Forever 21 since my high school days and even though fast fashion is kind of the worst, Forever 21 has been pretty on trend recently and I am all for it. 

  • I know in one of my last posts i mentioned this lace Sézane top that was my current favorite thing in my closet but i think this dress changes the game. It is just as lacy and frilly but it’s a DRESS. So thank you, Forever 21.


  • I have wanted espadrilles since last spring and I finally gave in and I could not be more glad that I did. I kid you not when I say these are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of wedges you will ever wear. You can wear these with anything: dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, you name it and you will instantly feel 100x more chic. They come in a million different colors and you can buy 6, 8, 10cm heel height (2-4in). I bought the 8cm and Castañer is sold through many different retailers as well such as Revolve, Net-a-Porter, M'oda 'Operandi, and more.

Urban Outfitters

  • First we had what my boyfriend likes to call “moon sunglasses” pictured here, but now i’m on to the cat eye sunnie situation. Not gonna lie these do look rather odd on my face, but i’m fine with being a little extra sometimes. 
  • I finally found the straw bag i have been looking for y’all! This one is the perfect size, and it is completely lightweight. You can't beat the price and it looks a lot prettier in person than it does online. I will be wearing this with basically everything this spring. 


I hope you enjoyed my spring picks! What will you be wearing this season? Also, be sure to keep an eye out for an opportunity to Shop my Closet later this week via Instagram. Happy shopping everyone!


xx, N

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