Reinvent Your Wardrobe in Less Than 5 Minutes (Plus, Vote for Me!)


Honest question. Do people still wear button down cardigans as a third layer? Well, I’m trying them out as the first instead. Just the other day I had a random flashback of these two cardigans I bought in middle school. I thought they were the GREATEST thing ever. Both from Urban Outfitters, the classic prep school sweater silhouette was worn on rotation in a forest green and a (horrifying) magenta color. While I definitely don’t have either of those specific sweaters anymore, whose to say that we can’t still reinvent old pieces in our closet to make them feel new again?


My mom actually came across this leopard print cardigan and at first I was a bit unsure as to how I could style it. But then I realized, why not just wear it as a top? Ta-da! As long as your cardigan has enough buttons, see if it will work as a top for a fresh take on something you may already own. Want to try the trend out but don’t have a cardigan that will quite work? I’ve noticed there are plenty cardigan-esque tops hitting stores right now and I just might have to try out one of those too.


PS if you haven’t already, you can still vote for me for “Rising Star of the Year” for the 2018 InfluenceHer Collective Awards! Click this link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select my name on the drop down for the Rising Star category. xoxo.

xx, N

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