NYC Coterie

New York City is one of those places that I have very mixed feelings about. As a fashion merch major, I always imagined that I would end up living there one day, and I almost did this past summer for an internship. But life happens and I ended up staying here in Boston for another, well, "internship" (s/o Harborpoint) and I honestly am glad I didn't move to New York because I don't think I would be happy there long-term... at least at this point in my life. I love visiting for a weekend trip (especially because I get to make a pitstop at Ladurée) but by the end of that long weekend I am usually about ready to come home.

My feelings about the city aside, this past year I have been lucky enough to experience and work NYC's Coterie twice, and I will be back again for a third go around in February. This is one of those things that makes me feel like, hey maybe I can live in NYC long-term. Who knows, but probably not. Anyways, if you're wondering what the Coterie is, it is a major trade show that happens each season where vendors sell their lines to buyers! It is a complete doorway to the wholesale industry and I really didn't understand the essence of wholesale until I was right in it. I got to work with brands such as 27 Miles and Only Hearts, and honestly it is pretty exciting. 

Disclaimer: the following pics are unfortunately rather blurry because they were taken on my broken iPhone 6. Low quality pics, high quality experience amirite?


Sweater, 27 Miles Malibu / Jeans, Madewell


Top, Only Hearts / Jeans, Levi's / Shoes, Steve Madden / Necklace, Madewell / Bag, Urban Outfitters


Kimono, Only Hearts / Jeans, Levi's / Shoes, Converse / Earrings, Urban Outfitters


xx, N

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