Nostalgia Ultra: Discovering the City of PVD


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You may have guessed on my hair care blog post or seen on my IG story that I was planning on getting balayage this past weekend but alas, it did not work out as expected. Apparently there should be absolutely zero reminisce of "box dye" left in your hair in order for any lightening, let alone balayage dying to occur successfully. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "well, duh". But for me, I had no clue! This would have been my very first time getting my hair dyed professionally, so I thought I just had to be prepared to sit and read a magazine for a few hours and I would be all set. Unfortunately, it is not that simple and I guess my hair likes to hold on to box dye from over a year ago. I did walk away with a "crystal gel treatment" which was cool and made my hair super soft, and some nice beach waves so my drive to the salon wasn't for nothing. I guess balayage will have to wait a few more months, but don't worry (I'm sure no one is worried) part 2 of my Hair Care Guide will be up the very next day!

Despite the blog post title, this isn't about Frank Ocean's album (although maybe it should be). You see even though I drove to Providence expecting to get balayage, it turned out to be quite a wonderful afternoon thanks to my friend Jen who brunched it up and explored the city of Providence with me. I discovered two gems there that I just had to share with you because they deserved much more than a single Instagram post. If you ever find yourself in PVD, be sure to check out these two spots. I will be back again soon, that is for sure.

The duck and bunny

Aside from Frenchie, The Duck and Bunny has got to be the second most aesthetically pleasing brunch place I have ever been to. Of course this would have immediately been added to my Boston Brunch Guide except for the fact that it is in Providence and therefore not technically a "Boston brunch" :( However, I need to rave about it because not only were the breakfast cocktail options endless, but the French inspired meals were delicious too. Food aside, since I am not a food critic, as you can see from the photos below I could probably live here and be perfectly content. Everything was ivory, with the exception of the taupe grey stripe wallpaper that is a little vintage but still classy, and of course a few black accents here and there- aka the DREAM.



I. Love. Vintage. Shops. *cue eye roll* Fine, I know everyone says they love vintage shopping but for someone who wishes they lived during the 1950s solely for the purpose of wearing flirty dresses and becoming a housewife, then vintage shopping is like a small glimpse of that life. Dramatic, maybe but Nostalgia seriously took me to another place. There is something about finding an old item from a different time in the world and wondering who it belonged to, where it came from, and how it got to where you are now.

I thought we were going to stop in for a few minutes, but this shop had 3 floors and multiple rooms within each floor. I couldn't even tell you how many items were in the shop because it was astounding. From jewelry and clothes to old comic books and Life Magazines, this shop had everything. I grabbed a few things including a Moon River Vinyl from Breakfast at Tiffany's for $10 which is easily one of my favorite finds ever and a crochet bag from the 1970s. While I opted for crochet, if you're looking for a "~trendy~ straw bag, this is the place to go believe it or not. I couldn't include all of the photos I took because you really need to visit the shop in person to truly appreciate the gems they have.


Until next time, PVD! You have my heart. (At least Wickenden St. does)

xx, N

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