My Skincare "Routine"


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Lately I have been running a little low on ideas for blog posts (if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!) so I guess you could say that my goal for posting every Monday was a bit ambitious. But recently, I have been getting a decent amount of questions about my skincare routine from strangers and especially customers at work. Maybe it's the hope of spring around the corner, peeks of sunshine amongst snow blizzards, or the fact that I'm graduating in less than a month and a half that is giving me an extra glow- but I thought it may be fun to share my skincare "routine" with you here! I put routine in quotation marks because I don't really do to much, but hopefully this is useful for you anyway :)



Remove makeup: First and foremost, the most important thing for me is to remove my makeup. I use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water and this stuff is pretty amazing. It is lightweight and does not feel greasy like a lot of makeup removers do and it wipes away all of the makeup, oil, and dirt from the day.

Wash face: I almost always shower at night so I can wash my face right away after using the micellar water. Even if you don't shower at night, I think washing your face before you go to sleep is a great way to start fresh in the morning and prevent any unwanted bacteria from sticking around. Even if you use makeup remover, there will still be residue left over and this can be resolved by simply washing your face afterwards! I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser. I haven't taken much time to explore other face washes because my skin likes this one. It's rather mild and gentle on the skin.

Moisturize: This is my favorite part! I always moisturize right after a shower because your skin absorbs the product more effectively. Since I am not a scientist or whatever I will share with you this advice in the words of dermatologist Dendy Engelman via Refinery 29, "When you emerge from the shower, you have a higher concentration of moisture compared to the air — especially in the drier months with heaters. So water evaporates off the skin quickly, leaving the skin dry." Therefore, moisturizing post-shower traps some of that water. Even if you don't have super dry skin, it protects your skin, prevents wrinkles, and just feels nice. I use Aveeno's Ultra-Calming Daily moisturizer. (Side note: according to Cindy Crawford, if you have combination dry/oily skin, you should actually wait about 30 minutes after a shower before applying face moisturizer to allow the natural oils to return to your skin first. I have never tried this, but I might have to give it a shot.)



Prime: If you read my Beauty Favorites post from back in December, then you'll probably notice that none of these products have really changed. No matter what primer you use, I do think priming your face prior to applying your foundation is crucial. It gives the skin a protective layer from absorbing too much of your foundation and it allows for a more smooth application. I love Becca's primers and Laura Mercier has a great range too for all skin types!

ConcealI've been using the same concealer for over a year so it may be time for an upgrade, but the It Cosmetics Bye Bye concealer is still one of my favorites. I simply dab this under my eyes with a beauty blender and use the remainder to cover up any blemishes or redness.

Tinted Moisturizer: Sorry if you are sick of me raving about Laura Mericer's tinted moisturizer but it is so popular for a reason! There is both a regular and an oil-free formula (I use the oil-free) and because it is a tinted moisturizer, I find it is pretty lightweight. My skin has never reacted badly to this moisturizer, it doesn't oxidize, and it gives off a dewy finish. I definitely don't feel like I have a thick layer of foundation caked onto my face.

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight: Obviously contouring and highlighting has been all the rage, but I am really terrible at it. So, I just stick to the tride and true "3 B" (?) method for applying my bronzer, and the "V shape" method for highlighting my brow bone and cheekbones! I don't use any liquid or cream bronzers/highlights because I feel like they will slip off throughout the day. Milani has a really pretty drugstore bronzer, Nars is a fan-favorite for blush, and I use an eyeshadow from a Too Faced palette to highlight because why not!



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xx, N

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