My Mid-Life-Blogger Crisis


You know those moments in Lizzie McGuire when the cartoon version of Lizzie would always chime in to provide some commentary on whatever ~super dramatic teenage moment~ she was having?


Yeah. I wish I had that because lately I’ve been relating to Lizzie a lot more than maybe an almost 24 year-old should. But sometimes being irrationally dramatic is exactly what you need to realize that your problems aren’t actually the end of the world! While maybe (definitely) I am projecting other aspects of my life onto this epiphany, I want to keep it light when I say that I am having a mid-blogger-life crisis and am now re-evaluating everything about en Rose.


Actually, the re-evaluation seems to be more of a re-direction since from the beginning (aka like a year and a half ago) I would say that I wanted my blog to be different; set apart. I didn’t want it to be about me but rather an outlet to write about something that I am passionate about. That includes many things, yes, but for the purpose of this blog of course it would be to express my thoughts on fashion! You may think I’m crazy but in the world of Influencers, Instagram models, Kardashians, and Vloggers it is easy to get swept up in the comparison game when it comes to your own journey.

For a while I was like, well do people even read blog posts anymore? and it seems like it’s all about Instagram now, so i gotta post daily content. I didn’t write because I would run out of photos of my outfits to post but then the obvious occurred to me— I don’t need any. I actually very much dislike the “me” aspect of “being an influencer” and I have spent the past year focused on doing what everyone else is doing when all I really wanted to do was speak freely about the crazy styles of the past, present, and beyond. What I am trying to say is that at the end of the day, if no one reads this because my Instagram doesn’t bring people to, I have decided that I am completely ok with that.

So long (dramatic) story short, here we are. Back to the beginning. Time to get creative!

xx, N

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