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If you were to ask me what my favorite hobby is, my answer would be that my favorite hobby is brunch. I know this may sound silly, but it's true! I mean, is there a better way to spend your Saturday than sleeping in and enjoying a late breakfast with the company of friends and mimosas? I don't think so. Read along and discover some of my favorite brunch spots in the Boston area! Maybe I'll see you there :) 

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While this list is in no particular order, Sonsie definitely would be on my Top 3 list. I almost always order eggs benedict and Sonsie definitely does it right. They also have amazing french toast so you can't really go wrong here. Not to mention, it's located right on Newbury St and in the summertime they will open up the front windows for a patio-esque vibe.


I am fortunate enough to live within a five minute walking distance of not one, but TWO Tatte's, so I have a feeling moving out of the city and to the suburbs at the end of this month might be a struggle. Nonetheless, I feel like I have expressed my love for Tatte an annoyingly excessive amount I'm just going to link my previous blog post here!


Honestly Frenchie might take the cake for my all time favorite brunch spot in Boston so far. I've only been here once, but I have dreamed of this meal many times since. I got my favorite eggs benedict but it was on a croissant and it was probably the best croissant I have ever had. They have a back patio and the overall aesthetic made me feel like I left Boston for a little while and ended up in France. 

The Rox

Ever since I was little and until I left for college, my dad and I would have breakfast dates every other Saturday. We discovered The Rox Diner one Saturday and this has quickly become a favorite. The food is amazing and they have a lot to choose from. If you're ever in the Newton area, it's definitely worth trying!


Barcelona's weekend brunch is just as good as their daily dinners. They are known for their tapas and while I am not one to be too adventurous when it comes to food, I'm always more willing to try something new at Barcelona because I know it will be delicious. Same thing goes for their brunch tapas and they also have outdoor seating which is major for the summertime. 


Even though I am clearly not a food critic, I hope this mini guide gives you some ideas of new brunch spots to try! I have a lot more on my list that I didn't get a chance to mention, so be sure to check back for part 2 of my Boston Brunch Guide. 

xx, N

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