Lasell College Mini Show: Harborpoint Apparel

harborpoint apparel a/w line

After taking on the role of scene manager for the fashion show simulation, I was excited to take on the same responsibilities for the Lasell College Mini Show. This was my first experience participating in a fashion show on a larger scale and I felt as though the simulation prepared me for what to expect and how to prepare. As a scene manager, it was my responsibility to find models, style their looks, determine the scenes pagination, and make sure everything was executed seamlessly. I spent time preparing each factor in advance to have enough time available to fix any obstacles and from what I could tell, my scene was a success.

There were two small issues that occured backstage the night of the show, but thankfully I was prepared. First, one of my models had to change her outfit last minute from wearing a skirt to a pair of jeans. Because I gave suggestions in advance for styling, she had her backup outfit ready. Then, while I was backstage steaming one of the shirts, the steamer leaked and a significant amount of water got on the models shirt. Thankfully I had a backup of the same shirt with me, so the solution here was easy. Overall, I feel as though being a scene manager for the Mini Show provided me with a great experience and opportunity to grow in my management, leadership, and organization skills. It was very rewarding to see my scene play out the night of the show, and I am glad that it was a success.