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Jumpsuit, Club Monaco via Buffalo Exchange / Top, Madewell / Boots, Dolce Vita

I've always loved the ideas of jumpsuits/jumpers but I could never get behind them because I thought I was too short to pull it off. I figured only tall girls could wear jumpsuits but then I realized, it's not about height but about finding a good fit and styling it right! Girls of all heights, shapes, and sizes are the perfect candidate for jumpsuits (and any other trend for that matter). Sometimes, it may take a significant amount of trial and error until you find a jumpsuit that works for you, but don't get discouraged because once you find one you love I promise your life will be forever changed! Read along for some of my favorite tips and tricks when it comes to finding the best new addition to your closet.


I find that if you are on the shorter side like I am, ankle length jumpsuits are a good way to go! This gives you a wide range of options when it comes to shoes. I think it's important to keep in mind proportion when choosing your footwear, but for the sake of these photos I definitely ignored this tip (it was snowing outside and I wasn't going to be walking around in ankle strap heels, sorry!) Another benefit of ankle length jumpsuits are that I find they prevent me from feeling overwhelmed by the fabric. PS, don't be afraid to take your jumpsuit to a trusted tailor to get hemmed if necessary- that's what they are trained to do!




Find yourself a jumpsuit that works best with your body shape!! I I find the most flattering silhouette on me are those that are well tailored throughout, cinch at the waist, and have a wide and cropped cut for the legs. For you, it may be a jumpsuit with a culotte style pant like the one I'm wearing here, or maybe a one with a more relaxed fit! At the end of the day, and all styling advice aside I say if you feel good in it, go for it because when you look good you'll feel good.



Photos by  Carlvin Medar

Photos by Carlvin Medar

Okay so jumpsuits (at least for me) feel pretty trendy on their own, so when it comes to style I think it's best to air on the side of simplicity. Avoid loud colors and distracting prints. Then, you can accessorize and style to your heart's content in a way that feels personal to you. The best part about jumpsuits is that you can really wear them all year round, not just during the warm months! For fall and winter, through a chunky sweater over top, or layer a fitted turtle neck underneath. That way, you don't have to wait a whole year for another opportunity to rock your favorite jumpsuit. 



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