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For some odd reason last winter I thought it would be a good idea to do my own lash extensions. Call me crazy but I thought to myself "this can't be too difficult" and proceeded to google "DIY Lash Extensions" to my heart's content. As you can imagine, this was not a habit I kept up for too long (however, if you are on a budget then it's worth a try... but I wouldn't fully recommend this unless you are fairly confident in your lashing abilities!) So now that my DIY lash extension days are over, I was very happy to discover WinQ Lash Bar in Boston. I immediately fell in love with WinQ before even stepping foot through their doors because their Insta feed is full of pink walls, fun accents, and of course a selfie station featuring the iconic Martinique wallpaper of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Read along for a few FAQs and a little bit about my experience getting lash extensions! 

the process

Before going to a salon to get lash extensions, do some research! They are gluing something very close to your eye after all, so I think it's okay to be extra cautious of where you go. Once you find a place you feel good about go ahead and book an appointment. When I went to WinQ, everyone I met was so sweet and welcoming, and they answered all the questions I had. 

My lash technician, Kat, told me that clients often fall asleep because all you have to do is lie down and keep your eyes closed! I was too focused on what was happening to do so, but it was overall a pretty relaxing experience. She started by putting gel pads under my eyes and then went to work! Depending on the type of set you get the process may vary, but generally lash extensions are done by placing a single false lash (synthetic or mink) to a single natural lash. 



1. How long does it take?

It takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes! So if you are going to get them done, make sure you have a solid window of time available. It is also important to shower prior to your appointment because you can't get your lash extensions wet for 24 hours. Also, show up with no makeup on :)

2. Does it hurt?

Nope. It may be slightly uncomfortable for a second here or there, but overall it is painless. 

3. How long do the extensions last?

Lash extensions can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. By the 2 week mark I still had a significant amount of lashes left and I wasn't really in need of a fill, but I went in anyways (LOL).

4. Can you wear makeup with them?

You can wear makeup but it is important to use an oil-free makeup remover and to make sure you are removing your makeup each night. Oil is the main culprit to preventing your lashes from lasting the longest, and a lot of makeup products are oil based. I feel like the best part about lash extensions is not having to wear makeup anyways! You can wake up pretty much ready to go.

5. Does it ruin your natural lashes?

If you go to a salon that does not know what they are doing then yes, probably. However, as long as you are seeing a licensed technician and they are applying your lash extensions properly then you shouldn't have any damage to your natural lashes. Some find their natural lashes end up growing more! I will say, that sometimes when a lash extension falls off, your natural lash may come along with it. This is normal and not really anything to be concerned about, considering the fact that we lose a few natural lashes everyday.

6. Do they look real?

I find this depends on the specific style you are asking for. I first got the "classic" set, which is definitely a natural look. When I went in for a 2-week fill, I asked for a mix of the classic and volume set because I wanted them to be a little bit fuller and longer (pics below)! If you tell your lash technician that you want a natural look, they should be able to do just that.

7. Are there different types of lashes?

So I learned that there are "flat" lash extensions which means the lash is concave and hugs your natural lash, thus staying on longer. Mink lashes are round and look really pretty but don't last as long. As I mentioned earlier, there are also different "sets" you can get to achieve a different look!

8. How do you take care of them?

Aftercare is super easy IMO. All you have to do is pat your lashes dry after you shower and then brush through them with a clean spoolie. I usually shower at night, so I will do this before I go to bed and then in the morning I will use a lash cleanser to brush through them. They should provide this for you at the salon!  


xx, N

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