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Denim Jacket, Zara / Tee, Jeans, Boots, Umbrella, Bandana, Tote & Earrings, Madewell

Oh, New York. It is safe to say you are truly one of a kind. For someone who doesn't plan on moving to NYC anytime soon I sure have written a bold amount of posts in regards to the city (two to be exact). However I wanted to take some time to share a bit about my trip this past week because I am sure I will be returning for another visit soon. If you read my post about the NYC Coterie then you may have a rough idea about what I was up to while in New York last week. A brief summary is that I was working the Coterie trade show that is held each season as a sales representative for a Massachusetts based showroom. I represented specific brands and worked with buyers who own boutiques throughout New England. On top of that I got to visit one of my best friends, meet new people, and eat at some of the most wonderful restaurants that I have discovered so far. Follow along and read about some of my adventures in the city that never sleeps. 

PS unfortunately I do not have a personal photographer or an #InstagramHusband but s/o to my friend Kaitlin for snapping some quick pics for the sake of the gram and this blog post, even when its cold and rainy. 


day 1


I took a Lyft straight from JFK to SoHo in a desperate attempt to make the Glossier Showroom my very first stop. I made it there with 5 minutes to spare before they locked the doors and the showroom was everything I expected and more. Everything is pink and white. They even have a cute photo booth with a matching pink backdrop and a reminder that "You Look Good." Here is where I met two wonderful strangers who I mistook for bloggers considering how fashionable they were, but I guess that is just how people dress when you're from New York! Thankfully, we both understood the importance of a glossier showroom photo shoot. 


The Reformation is one of my new favorite brands and while I don't own anything from them (yet) everything they make is completely sustainable. To be honest, I have yet to find a brand that stands for sustainability in the fashion industry and also doesn't have bad taste. Thankfully Reformation is full of effortless silhouettes, feminine details, and beautiful prints that are both on-trend and vintage inspired. Unfortunately they do not have any stores in Boston, though this is probably a good thing for my bank account, so I made sure to stop by their SoHo location and I am glad I did. 

What Goes Around Comes Around 

Maybe this is common knowledge but if you are looking for a reasonably priced vintage store, What Goes Around Comes Around is not going to meet your needs. Even though upon walking into the store I immediately felt like I was in Vintage Heaven, I did not see one item there that was under $450 (and this was only for a pair of vintage Levi's). I definitely have an affinity for vintage clothing as I love wondering what lives a Versace dress or Chanel bag has experienced, and maybe one day I will get to contribute to that.


To borrow a line from my own website bio, French for "in pink", en Rose is a Boston based fashion & lifestyle blog inspired by all things, from Jane Birkin to Ladurée macaroons... While this may sound silly, it's true! If you have ever been to Ladurée, hopefully you'll understand what I mean. Not only are their macaroons some of the most delicious macaroons I have ever had, but everything about this place is perfection. Although I may not be the most adventurous when it comes to food, I will recommend the vanilla, chocolate, and of course the strawberry flavored macaroons. 



day 2

Jack's Wife Freda

You've probably seen Instagram photos of this space featuring sugar packets with cute sayings like "I love you a latte". Listed as one of the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Brunches in NYC, Jack's Wife Freda definitely lives up to the title. I will say that if you are looking for a traditional breakfast, then this may not be for you. However, if you are looking for photogenic dishes such as a "Rosewater Waffle" or "Green Shakshuka", then this is for you. 

Chelsea Market

If you're from Boston then what I can tell you is Chelsea Market is basically a glorified version of Faneuil Hall. They have endless food options, offering everything from tacos to donuts. My personal favorite however was Very Fresh Noodles which is known for their noodle soups that features one single hand pulled noodle. I think it was like 8ft long or something, but nonetheless the soup was delicious. 

Gramercy Park Hotel

Sunday evening I made my way to the Garden Room of the Gramery Park hotel for a presentation of the F/W 18 Three Dots collection. Known to be Jennifer Aniston's favorite t-shirt, Three Dots offers premium cotton garments featuring innovative silhouettes and must-have basics. I got a brief overview of what is to come for F/W 18 (leopard print, pajama dressing, the color lavender, and that gray plaid blazer print on dresses and pants too) and even though right now I am ready for spring, it's trends like these that make me love fall fashion the most.


day 3

Top, Only Hearts / Jeans, Madewell / Shoes, Steve Madden

Coterie Day 1

This is me awkwardly posing in the Only Hearts booth. I'm not entirely sure it would make sense for me to explain each day of Coterie because there is only so much story telling that can come from writing orders during a busy trade show. What I will say is that the F/W 18 line for Only Hearts and 27 Miles Malibu is what dreams are made of :)


day 4

Bomber, 27 Miles Malibu

Coterie Day 2

I personally think the second day of the show is always the busiest. Think about it- if you were a buyer Monday would probably be your "I just spent the night prior traveling, let's explore the city" kind of day, Tuesday you get down to business and visit as many of the booths on your list as possible, and Wednesday you may want to leave early and head home. I could be very wrong, but this is just my guess.


The show runs from 9-6 so once the day was over, I spent the majority of my evening trying to decide where I wanted to eat for dinner. I got lost in the world of Yelp reviews and eventually followed my inner Blair Waldorf and ended up at Butter (!). Except I walked in and second guessed myself because for whatever reason, committing to a restaurant is somewhat daunting to me... even though it doesn't really matter. So I left and walked around the city, found myself in Times Square (the last place I wanted to be) and turned around to just end up walking back to Butter after all. I am so glad I did though because the gnocchi mac & cheese (surprisingly not off the kids menu) and raspberry beignets were more than worth it. Tip: if you want local restaurant suggestions, do not ask people who work in Times Square unless you want to be reminded of "TGIFriday's and Buffalo Wild Wings" (no offense to those places). 


day 5

Coterie Day 3

So I know I said that the last day of the show is supposed to be rather quiet, but for me it was one of the busiest days. The two booths I was working at were actually at very different locations within the Javit's Center, so it is safe to say that I got my workout in running back and forth between the two throughout the show. Overall, it was a busy week but at the end of the day it is satisfying to know that what you sold to a buyer will be in their store next season. 


Skylight Diner

On my way out I went to my favorite diner in NYC (also the only diner I've been to in NYC) on 34th and 9th called Skylight Diner. The first time I went there was last year with one of my best friends. It has since become my suitcase diner because I always stop here now on my way in or out of the city, suitcase in hand. You can get breakfast all day and the menu is huge. It was great way to wrap up my time in New York.


And that's it for my trip to guide to NYC! Which I guess is really just somewhat of a review on some of the restaurants I tried. Hope you enjoyed and comment below with what you would like to see next on en Rose.


xx, N

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