7 Beach Bag Essentials for a Day of Fun in the Sun


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If I could live anywhere, it would be the beach. Thankfully my hometown is not far from the coast and there are a few small beaches nearby. But here in New England the water is almost always much too cold to dip in to. This definitely isn't the case in Marseille though- the South of France and the complete essence of summertime.

My best friend and I took a boat to Frioul archipelago, an island off the coast of Marseille and it had everything you could ask for: hot sand, clear turquoise water, and an incredible view that an iPhone camera couldn't do justice. Other than the obvious towel and sunscreen, here are a few of my beach essentials incase you are a little extra high maintenance (like me)! 


1. A good beach bag

Straw bags have become so popular that I am almost uneasy about my love for them. However, a larger size one makes for the perfect beach bag! It fits your essentials and also is easy to shake sand out of. Plus, you'll look super on trend in the process. 

2. Rosé (but also water)

There is something about rosé on the beach that you can't beat. Make sure you bring a cooler if you can because no one likes warm rosé. And of course, water. Common sense, right? But not for me. I always leave the beach wondering why I have a headache and then I realize I forgot to bring water! So toss some water bottles in there too because it is important to stay hydrated in the heat!

3. Sunscreen + Coconut Oil

Bye Banana Boat Suntan Oil, hello Trader Joe's coconut oil! I know this may not be the wisest decision in the world, but coconut oil smells amazing, moisturizes your skin, and helps you develop an even tan. But please, please don't forget to put a layer of sunscreen on first! Otherwise you will definitely get a sunburn and this blog post will not be to blame.

4. Sunnies


5. A beach hat

If you like sunbathing, a beach hat is truly essential! Unless you want a sunglasses tan line, grab a beach hat or even a baseball cap that you can use to shade your eyes from the rays. 

6. Lip balm

Because you definitely don't want your lips to get sunburned.

7. Sea salt spray

One of my favorite things to bring to the beach is sea salt spray! Especially if you have plans for right after and don't have time to go home and freshen up. I have naturally straight hair with no curls at all but after a long day in the ocean and sun, beach waves are easy to accomplish. I simply braid my hair on and off, spritz some sea salt spray (my favorite is the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray) throughout the day, and ta-da! The perfect textured beach waves. 


xx, N

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