5 Sweater Weather (AKA The Greatest Time of Year) Trends for 2019

Whoever thinks that fall isn’t the greatest time of year for fashion (or just the greatest time of the year, period) is seriously disturbed *elle woods voice*. But seriously, I don’t know what could be better than the feeling of autumn- crisp air, pumpkin and apple everything, cozy sweaters, of course the changing of the leaves, and so much more. Thankfully this year, fall trends seem to go beyond your basic flannel and corduroy skirt combo and I am all for it. The more ways to express that fall is upon us through our outfits, the better.

Knits on knits

I’ll just reference this little blog post here. Take sweater weather one step further and find new ways to incorporate knits into your wardrobe. Warmth isn’t just limited to itchy wool oversized sweaters (although if that’s your vibe, great). Keep an eye out this fall for plenty of 2-piece knit sets.


I’ve always been obsessed with tweed ever since Sharpay’s ~fabulous~ pink tweed set in High School Musical. The fact that it is now easily accessible and socially acceptable for a twenty-something year old to wear tweed without feeling like a grandma, I am all for it.


Period silhouettes

If I could chose any decade to go back to, strictly in regards to the fashion of decade, it would be a major toss up between the 1950s and the Victorian Era. My love for the 1950s will probably need it’s own blog post, so I will just say this. While the Victorian Era didn’t take into account some serious health consequences to things like corsets, they did get the feminine silhouettes right. Instead, try something with a little extra structure to it and some soft fabric to balance it out.

Angora Faux Fur

Whether you like it or not, the kids of the 90s and early 00s coined some pretty unforgettable trends that have only evolved over the past 5 years as we recreate those iconic moments. We have matured from the grungy florals vibe to a more ironically sophisticated angora, feather-y detailed, strappy kitten heel, and mini shoulder bag look (all of which you can probably find at Savers for $3.99— at least I did).

Colored tights

CUE BLAIR WALDORF (and her minions). We all know that early season Blair was known for not only her iconic headbands but also her highly saturated tights. This is a trend that is not for the faint of heart because you will definitely stand out. So I say channel your inner Blair and keep the rest of your outfit simple and classy to successfully pull this off without looking like a member of the Cirque du Soleil.


xx, N

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